Building Design in Huntington Beach

Since opening our doors to the public, Novum Architecture Inc has risen the ranks of our industry. Clients and professional peers alike are in agreement that our building design services are what truly set us apart from the rest.

Bridging the gap between form and function, our architectural designs are ideal for individuals, organizations, and communities that want attractive results that positively impact the surrounding regions for years—even decades—to come.

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Savvy Design Solutions

At our firm, we share an appreciation for the longstanding traditions of building design—but that is not all we appreciate. Not content to rest our laurels on the successes of past innovators, our architects, engineers, and designers are always looking for fresh new ways to approach the design process.

Taking the Sustainable Approach

The world is changing. It is the job of architects to adapt to these changes. In doing so, we create sustainable schematic designs and 3D renderings that take into account countless factors related to building materials, environmental impact, and so much more.

Form Meets Function

We are committed to sustainability and architecture that ages with grace, make no mistake. That said, we are also committed to designing buildings that satisfy the tastes of our clients, too. Specializing in a variety of architectural styles, we have the experience to craft building plans that check off all the boxes.

For those with big aspirations, we are the architects to work with. See the difference a little creativity can make. Call us today.

Cost-Effective Building Design 

We honor the wishes of our clients at every stage of the design process. After taking note of our client’s budgetary constraints and timelines, we present them with schematic designs, floor plans, and more. Rest assured, these plans don’t just adhere to the client’s aesthetic preferences. Our designs take every last detail into account.

Our approach to building design spares our clients from the sorts of surprises that come up during the development stages of the project. The work we conduct is the foundation for the rest of the project—and that foundation is as sturdy as can be.

Do you have questions about the limitations your target budget might pose on the project? Don’t hesitate to address these concerns during the consultation process. We want to give you the results you desire—nothing more, nothing less.

Designing Our Way to Glory

Our reputation rests upon our efforts as architects and nothing more. When clients speak highly of us, they’re not speaking about our promotional efforts or our marketing campaigns. We take a creative and sustainable approach to our craft, ensuring our clients get nothing less than the finest service.

Let us be the ones to translate your hopes and dreams into actionable blueprints and plans. Call us at (310) 709-4476 today. We’ll set up a no-obligation consultation at your earliest convenience.