Construction Project Management Services in Redondo Beach

Novum Architecture Inc is a leading local firm that offers comprehensive architect-led construction project management. With next-level administrative diligence, we see countless residential and commercial buildings built from the ground up, consistently within target timelines and deadlines.

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Construction Project Management Services

Since our inception, we’ve sought to be a stand-out architectural firm in every aspect, which is why we expanded our service list to include complete project management. With our architects at the reigns, you can guarantee your designs are executed to a tee. Any and all edits are personally overseen by our in-house staff to protect the integrity of your creative vision.

When you partner with our firm, our architects will work for you both in-office and on-site to facilitate a streamlined and satisfactory construction process. Our integrated management process gives our clients greater peace of mind, knowing the new build will correctly reflect all specifications and parameters set out in the design phase. Plus, our superior communication skills add even more ease, as our firm will be a reliable point of reference for all your needs until Move-In Day.

Discover a new way forward in the construction world. Partner with Novum Architecture Inc for start-to-finish project management.

Collaborative Construction Management Services

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For us, the client’s will reigns supreme. That’s why collaboration is the integral thread that runs through our construction management process. In the office and on the field, we represent your wishes, and we work to make them happen.

Since collaboration is so critical to what we do, we always consult extensively with prospective clients before embarking on a new project. We invite you to schedule a personalized consultation with us, where we can introduce ourselves, demonstrate our capabilities, and familiarize ourselves with your goals. Together, we’ll walk through all phases of erecting your new building and show you why our architects’ direction will make the whole endeavor faster, smoother, and more affordable.

Once we’ve gathered essential information about your project, we will draft a detailed cost estimate of our fee structure for your consideration.

The On-Site Architect Advantage

In standard practices, the architect does all the behind-the-scenes planning, and once the blueprints are finalized and they exit the picture, the contractor is the one who then leads the construction initiative.

No longer.

As a construction project management company, we’ve forged a new normal in the construction sector. Our architects are not only in charge of the research and preparation, but hand-pick the contracting crew, and supervise their work from start to finish. The advantage is clear: our architects are intimately acquainted with the building’s design. Therefore, when it comes to construction, we’re best positioned to manage the finer details. You’ll notice the on-site architect advantage in increased efficiency, intelligent execution, and improved coordination.

Redondo Beach’s Top Construction Management Company

Novum Architecture Inc is a foremost architectural firm at your service for the construction management of residential and commercial new builds. We leverage years of experience to deliver timely and economic results alongside world-class client care.