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Construction Administration

When people envision the role of an architectural designer, they tend to think of the initial planning process. While architects are needed heavily at the beginning stages of a building project, they can offer valuable guidance throughout construction.

Novum Architecture Inc is happy to offer comprehensive construction administration services to every client. We stay involved in your building project from concept to competition and ensure construction goes off without a hitch.

If you’d like to learn more about the role of a construction administration team, read on. To discuss the details with our experts, call us at (310) 709-4476.

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Construction Administration

Novum Architecture Inc’s Construction Administration

Nobody knows your building plans better than your architect – so, naturally, there is nobody more qualified to oversee the completion of your construction project. Our team will ensure that your building is being constructed according to the blueprints and advocate on your behalf.

Novum Architecture Inc has extensive experience offering in-depth construction administration, and we can take on as much responsibility as you want us to. When you contact us to inquire about construction administration, we will discuss how often you’d like us to check up on the project and our role depending on your unique needs and the roles of other experts working on site.

Understanding the Role of Construction Administrators

Essentially, the role of a construction administrator is to oversee your construction’s progress. Our tasks may include:

  • Conducting on-site meetings with the contractor and owner every few weeks
  • Resolving issues that arise
  • Dealing with unforeseen problems
  • Observing the progress and ensuring things run on schedule and budget
  • Answering questions from the contractor or owners
  • Revising drawing when necessary
  • Making changes to permits when significant revisions are necessary

In many ways, only the designer of your building is qualified to make significant changes and ensure safety at the same time.

If you have questions for our experts, please don’t hesitate to bring them forward.

Allow Our Designers to Advocate on Your Behalf

As the owner of a property in the midst of a construction project, you want to ensure that your vision and expectations aren’t just communicated to those working on your building but are really understood. A construction administrator can help to ensure those working on your site understand the plans in place and are working to meet your specifications.

If we notice something that doesn’t seem to correlate, we are happy to advocate on your behalf and set the record straight. With our team in your corner, you can ensure accurate results.

Find Great Rates on High-Value Construction Administration

The fees we charge for construction administration will depend on the nature of our role, how often we visit the site, and any particular tasks we must take on, such as design modifications and permits, etc. Our team is happy to offer competitive rates and we look forward to giving you a great price.

Contact Novum Architecture Inc to Discuss Construction Administration

If you wish to have our designers involved in the complete execution of your building project, be sure to contact us about construction administration services at your earliest convenience.

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